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Lady Bankes Junior School

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Our vision is for all pupils to become lifelong language learners.


The focus of language learning at Lady Bankes Junior School is French, although, the choice of language is secondary to the nurturing of confidence, enthusiasm and a love of languages. Through cross-curricular links wherever possible and positive language learning experiences, we aim to facilitate the development of effective and transferable language learning skills that will provide a gateway to the wider world.


Throughout the school, children build on their understanding of the language, in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum. Displays across the school focus on key vocabulary and wherever possible we enhance this through cultural capital activities including an immersive French day.


Our aim is to build a languages curriculum, which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills that enable children to access the wider curriculum and to prepare them to be a global citizen now and in their future roles within a global community.


Through consultation with our main feeder high school, we have designed a curriculum that will best support our pupils as they move onto their next stage of education.


Children will know more, remember more and understand more. As a result children will develop the knowledge to be able to communicate in another language other than English.