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Lady Bankes Junior School

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We aim to inspire children’s curiosity and willingness to learn about past events and provide an early understanding of both local and national history and across the globe.  We employ a skills based approach, which encourages children to ask questions and seek answers.  We also want them to be critical thinkers and to see how history fits within a chronological framework.   

There is a strong need for pupils to understand the forces that helped shape Ruislip Manor and helped build local communities, set in a context of national and international development.  Children should have the opportunity to develop their awareness and acceptance of different cultures increased with an understanding of how their communities played a role in Britain’s impact in the world, which as a result had the effect of bringing people to Britain in the past.

Children also need to understand the Ruislip area and its rich history dating back before the Norman Conquest when Ruislip Manor was part of a much larger estate run from the ‘Manor House’ in Ruislip. It therefore makes sense for pupils to experience an interweaving of local, national and international history based on National Curriculum requirements and making reference to the wide range of archaeological treasures and locations (including museums) available both for locally study and further afield.