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Lady Bankes Junior School

Ambition, Togetherness, Opportunity, Respect, Curiosity, Happiness

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At Lady Bankes Junior School children enjoy creative and irresistible opportunities to speak, read and write.


Children improve their spoken English daily in engaging, animated lessons and through the school’s annual public speaking competition. The school’s metacognition initiative provides children with additional high-quality occasions for discussion at a deeper level.


Children develop their reading in exciting ways. They read regularly as individuals and in groups. They develop their comprehension of texts and their ability to respond to higher-order questions about what they have read. Where children need help with phonics they are supported so that they can make rapid progress towards reading proficiency. Children love reading from the school’s vast and varied collection of books and e-books.


Children are taught to write accurately, grammatically and neatly, enabling them to approach their creative written work with ease and confidence. A major strength of the school is its approach to cross-curricular writing. Children have excellent opportunities to develop their understanding of other subjects by writing in original and innovative ways.


The school’s delivery of the English curriculum is structured and progressive, and yet open to flexibility and flair. Children are assessed consistently across the school, and staff know what children have experienced previously and what will be taught in the future. There is a rigorous programme of monitoring, feedback, and in-house training in key areas of the English curriculum.


Reading, writing and speaking at Lady Bankes Junior School are central to the school’s successful ethos, both in English lessons and across the whole curriculum.