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This year, primary schools have been given a ‘Sports Premium’ funding to develop Physical Education and school sports. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. As a school we must endeavour to spend the additional funding with the intended outcome being improved provision of PE and sport. The total funding made available to us via instalments throughout the financial year 2017-18 will total just over £19,250.


At Lady Bankes Junior School we are committed to ensuring our pupils enjoy sports and games activities and understand the importance of being active and having a healthy lifestyle.


The funding is designed to impact upon:

  • achievement in P.E lessons
  • an increased involvement in competitive school sport
  • personal health and well-being
  • improved attitudes and behaviour towards learning


The school will measure the impact of the funding through:

  • School Games application review
  • Observation of P.E lessons
  • Increased club opportunities
  • Pupil and staff surveys
  • Club and competition data


See the action plan below as to how we are planning to spend the money to improve outcomes for all pupils. 

Academic Year 2017-18

Objective Actions Total amount of funding allocated Impact and Evaluation
To develop provision of School Games Level 2 competitions within the local community
  • Order equipment for Sportshall Athletics
  • Develop spreadsheets and score cards for competition
  • Evaluate after competitions
  • Communication between clubs and PE co-ordinator to gather feedback
  • Opportunity for our pupils to participate in Level 2 and Level 3 School Games competition.
  • Improved provision for Sportshall athletics within the curriculum.
To increase participation in both intra and inter-school competition
  • To aim for School games Gold Award
  • Purchase high quality equipment for competition formats
  • Continue to develop system to track participation
  • Hire transport to take children to events
  • Competition entry fees
  • Coach hired for cross country event which allowed us to take 28 children to compete of which 16 had never competed before in inter-school competition.
To develop the quality of teaching and learning in PE across the school
  • PSD hired for two days a week to support teachers planning and delivery and therefore to enhance the quality of our teaching and learning in PE
  • External coaches were purchased to support PE provision and to allow teachers to develop their skills in specific sports.
To enhance participation in extra-curricular sport
  • Purchase high quality equipment for school sports clubs
  • Identification and encouragement of non-participators
  • Release staff member to attend the Change 4 Life club training
  • Hiring coaches from local sports clubs to support delivery and training of teachers

To be updated

To increase the amount of and quality of equipment for PE lessons
  • Increase the amount of equipment available to ensure that e.g. ball contact is maximised during lessons
£1500 To be updated
To increase the number of girls taking part in clubs and competitions
  • Audit current information to gain data, this will be compared to the end of the year data to monitor progress
  • Provide clubs just for girls to promote participation
  • Organise competitions
  • Promote the 'This Girl Can' campaign
  • To use social media to promote girls in sport
£800 To be updated


Academic Year 2016-17


Objective Actions Total amount of funding allocated Impact and Evaluation
To identify any gaps and training needs in the teaching and learning in PE
  • To undertake a skills audit of PE across the school in order to identify any gaps and training opportunities needed.
  • To audit the school's resources.
  • To identify any trends in teaching and learning through lesson observations.
  • Audit undertaken in Autumn 2016. The following gaps and subject knowledge requirements were identified as: gymnastics and invasion games.
  • PE co-ordinator sourced external PE specialists (PSD) to work alongside staff on a rolling programme. As a result, the spring term audit showed that staff have greater confidence in the above mentioned gaps and subject knowledge.
To use specialist coaches to deliver a complete and comprehensive training programme throughout the academic year to raise the standard of PE across the whole school
  • PE co-ordinator to arrange INSET training in specific areas of the PE curriculum
  • Specialists organised to support in the planning and delivery of the PE curriculum
  • The percentage of teaching and learning graded good or better prior to PSD was 40%. Following PSD intervention, the percentage of teaching and learning graded as good or better was 73%
  • Staff audit shows increased confidence
  • Pupil voice indicated that there was a greater enjoyment in lessons and pupils feel they are making more progress in PE
To work with other local cluster schools to organise events and activities.
  • Attend South Ruislip Cluster meetings
  • Liaise with other PE co-ordinators to arrange fixtures and opportunities for the children
  • The PE co-ordinator has reintroduced the school's participation in external sporting activities including football, netball and cricket
  • Children regularly take part in competitive sports events
  • The school has engaged with the School Games Organiser for Hillingdon and are now entering competitions that are qualifiers for the London Youth Games. B and C teams are also entering competitions
  • Silver School Games mark awarded Summer 2017
To allow staff to observe external coaches who deliver PE lessons in cricket and netball
  • Identification of skilled external coaches
  • Teachers to be released to observe coaches
  • Curriculum sessions of netball and cricket for pupils
  • This is part of a rolling programme inherited by the PE co-ordinator. The provision was audited by the co-ordinator in Spring 2017
  • Proficiency in the teaching of cricket and netball have improved
  • Staff has demonstrated greater confidence and pupils have made greater progress as a result


Academic Year 2015-16 

            Objective                                                 Action                                  Total amount of funding allocated Impact and Evaluation

To develop the quality of teaching and learning in P.E. across the school

  • Undertake a skills audit of PE.
  • PE co-ordinator to observe provision to inform performance management cycle.
  • Purchase Create Development Programme to support training, planning and delivery
  • Use specialist coaches to deliver training to staff on specific areas of the PE curriculum.
  • To train staff new to the school on PE schemes used in our school.
  • To purchase equipment to support disadvantaged pupils and to allow them to experience new opportunities
  • PE skills and provision audited and improvement plan put in place.
  • PE Curriculum embedded into PM cycle.
  • Delivery of PE lessons improved.
  • Training for all staff.
  • Children have access to sports activities that they would otherwise not have had.
  • All new staff and had PE induction and clear understanding of the school's expectation in the delivery of PE. 
To develop links with other schools to allow children to participate in competitions.
  • Work with the South Ruislip Cluster schools
  • Co-ordinator to arrange competitions with other co-ordinators in cluster
  • To use pupil voice to plan events and timetable
  • Junior children experiencing sport and PE as part of the wider community and engaging in more competitive sports events.
To enhance the provision of outdoor and adventurous activities
  • Arrange an activity day with HOAC (Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre) for a Year 4 activity day.
  • Children are exposed to new sports activities outside their normal remit to broaden their experiences.
  • Active member of the national cluster group specifically designed to promote sport/health and well-being.