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Our Reading Diaries

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We’ve been keeping diaries of what we’ve read so far this year. Here are some extracts from our reading diaries.


“…In February I loved reading The Boy Who Nearly Had Everything. This book made me jealous sometimes because of all the things the six-year-old boy had. The book was strange and surprising…”


“…In September I enjoyed reading Dead Ball 2 by Tom Palmer. I chose it because I was playing football at the time and it helped me learn about the game…”


“…In February I read The Parent Agency by David Baddiel, a funny book. It had good pictures and a character called Barry who wished he had better parents. His dream came true and he was able to pick the perfect parents…”


“…In January I enjoyed reading Middle School: How I Got Lost in London. I read it because we were going on a trip to London a few weeks later. I learnt lots of facts from the book, for example, where all the big skyscrapers are, and facts about the museum we were visiting…”


“…In February I read Birthday Boy. I chose it because I’ve read other books by the author and they’re also good. It’s about a boy called Sam, and on his birthday he wished on a shooting star that his birthday was every day. The wish came true, and he loved it. I’ve very positive thoughts about this book and would recommend it to others aged 7-11…”


“…In February I definitely enjoyed reading Horrid Henry’s Thank You Letter. It’s really funny. I could read it over and over again. It’s a great book about a boy who needs to write a thank you letter and then writes a rude letter instead!...”


“…In February I enjoyed reading Summer Term at St Clare’s by Enid Blyton. I chose it because I’d read another book by Enid Blyton and enjoyed it very much. I learn lots of manners and amazing vocabulary from the book, for example, ‘working steadily’ and ‘earnest face’…”


“…In January I read my favourite book of all time, The Magic Faraway Tree. To be honest with you I didn’t like the bit where they go to the Roundabout Land, but I enjoyed the Birthday Land section, which was so funny, especially when Frankie’s doll tries to catch a present…”