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Our children's views about our school 2017

The leadership team regularly carries out 'Learning Walks' around the school. 

This involves looking at books and marking, observing the quality of teaching and learning, behaviour and safety and collecting children's views about the staff, curriculum and their learning. 


What follows are some of our children's views from our latest learning walk: 


"PE is my favourite lesson. I like gymnastics and I enjoy all the other activities in P.E such as basketball. It is fun." Florence, Year 4. 


"English is my favourite lesson because I like my teacher." Euan, Year 4


Reuben, Year 4, when asked his favourite subject said, "It is tricky because I love learning."


Dylan, Year 4, said, "I like learning. If some learning is hard I like the challenge."


"I like history and geography, but I especially like learning French because I like to know what the French words mean. I like new learning."Ashton, Year 4. 


Chloe, Year 4 said, "I like English- writing stories and handwriting. I like reading to give me ideas for my new stories. I like Art."


Gracie-May said, "I like comprehension and writing stories. I look back at my old learning to help with my new learning and I sometimes change the words in old stories to make new stories." 


"I am good at drawing and I loved making my Van Gogh painting of flowers." Robert, Year 4. 


"I am from Romania and I learnt English in Romania. When I came to this school it was like a big family that makes me feel safe." Andra, Year 5


Josh, Year 5 said, "We learn a lot at this school. We have fun activities and we are getting a good education."


"I like my teacher." Bradley, Year 5


"All the children and people in our school are kind." Gabi, Year 5


Maika, Year 5 said, "We learn new things and our teachers help us if we find things difficult."