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Great books, great reviews!

Picture 1 Wow! This book is amazing and wonderful – also extremely funny. It’s very powerful and you can got lost in it. I recommend it for six-to-14 year-olds.
Picture 2 This is the best book in the world! It’s just so, so, so, SO funny! I would recommend it to children who don’t stop talking, and some parents too. It’s really the best book in the world!
Picture 3 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is my favourite book in the whole wide WORLD! It’s so magical and interesting that you can get lost in it. I would recommend it to ages eight and above. Even adults would love it!
Picture 4 This book is extraordinary. It tells you all about the olden days and how people used to live. I love it because at one moment you cry and the other moment you laugh. It is so amazing and incredible you just won’t want to stop reading. I’d recommend it to children of nine and above for sure.
Picture 5 I like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it’s about chocolate and I love chocolate. It’s really weird because it’s about a boy who gets a golden ticket, and it’s also really interesting, funny and humorous. I recommend it to anyone who loves to read.
Picture 6 Wow! I love this book – it’s my favourite book in the world. It’s definitely the best. Come and enjoy an epic adventure.
Picture 7 My book is really fascinating, interesting and fun. It’s so funny, what all the wizards and witches do. Some wizards are nasty, some not. I would recommend this book to children of eight or over. It gives you a lot of information and it’s fun as well.