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Comments from Parents & Visitors

We are always grateful to receive feedback regarding our school. We have a 'Comments Book' which visitors can add to at any school event. These are a selection of recent additions in the book:

"Wonderful feedback! Amazing school and teachers.....Very proud my son attends such a warm, welcoming, friendly and hardworking school." (October 2018)

"It was lovely to meet the Year 3 and Year 6 teachers for our children. We were very pleased to hear of their positive progress and how happy they are here both academically and socially. Thank you." (October 2018)

"It was great to meet my boys' teachers. Such a friendly and welcoming environment. Thank you." (October 2018)

"Brilliant parents' evening. Very informative. Thank you." (October 2018)

"Helpful, lovely teachers, great school." (October 2018)

"Lovely parents' evening, fab teachers!" (October 2018)


Visitor from NFER June 2018-

The pupils were exemplary in their good behaviour and worked well throughout each of the three testing sessions.

Please express my sincere thanks to the pupils, a pleasure to have met them. 

A most successful and rewarding engagement. ( An obvious and wonderful atmosphere inside the school ).


Visitor from Life Education April 2018- 

"Thank you for making me feel so welcome. When visiting the Life Bus the children were polite, very well-behaved and had great questions and answers. The support from the staff during my visit was fantastic. Thank you for making my visit so pleasurable." 


"Thank you for the show, amazing. Thank you Mrs Needs for the final year and helping ..... and the rest achieve amazing SATs results and setting them on the path for their future." (July 2018)

"What an amazing play. I had a fantastic time. The Year 6 team are outstanding. Thank you to everyone." (July 2018)

"Thank you for the amazing Year 6 and all the hard work you have ALL put into the school. The Year 6 performance in the show was OUTSTANDING!! We will miss you all and wish you all the best of luck in this OUTSTANDING school." (July 2018)


"Super tour of the Junior school. the kids were amazing." (November 2017)

"Fantastic tour of the school. Great tour guides from Year 6." (November 2017)

"Very helpful tour of the school and some preliminary information for us to prepare for year 3. Thank you for your time." (November 2017)


"Lovely to have traditional carols at Christmas. All the children performed very well. Well done to all." (December 2017)

"Wonderful to see the children.- gives them such confidence. Thanks for your hard work." (December 2017)

"Enjoyed the concert. Well done for showing the full essence of Christmas." (December 2017)

"An amazing concert. all the pupils' singing and speaking was fantastic. Every pupil was thoroughly engaged. Congratulations to all the pupils and staff who prepared the concert." (December 2017) 

"Fabulous nativity. Wonderful singing." (December 2017)


"My son is very happy and enjoys school. He feels safe and we are comfortable that he is well looked after and in a caring environment. Without doubt the school has improved considerably in the last couple of years and the new staff this year are making a real difference." (Parent Survey - Autumn Term 2017)


"Sports has been amazing since September especially encouraging girls to have a football team. Athletics team have had great success. The great behaviour and teamwork in the school shines through the students. I feel the old success of the school is coming back. The staff are a breath of fresh air making the children want to work hard and be successful. My daughter is loving Year 6 and I feel the only way is up for her and the school setting good examples for the future years." (Parent Survey - Autumn Term 2017)


"Mrs Needs has employed fantastic new teachers over the last year that are supporting and challenging my son both in his school work and extra sporting activities. The homework is appropriate and well organised. The addition of the chickens and table tennis tables are evidence of a school on the up and that the school is interested in developing my child beyond the '3 Rs'." (Parent Survey - Autumn Term 2017)